Lead with your Light

In this online 3 Day retreat you'll have the opportunity to learn ancient and modern techniques for:

Clearing blockages that have been impeding your growth and abilities

Protecting your energy body

Creating a healing field for yourself and those you love

Develop mental clarity

Think more clearly

Trust your intuition

Third Eye Perception

Opening your heart space (the center of your energetic channels)

Operate from love, light and strength


Learn how to access all of this on a daily basis
Friday Nov. 26

Day 1


In this first meditation class we will use yogic techniques to clear blockages that are obstructing your ability to move forward from your current circumstances. You will also learn how to protect yourself energetically and create a healing forcefield for yourself and those you love.

Saturday Nov. 27

Day 2


On Day 2, we will use techniques that help to develop mental clarity. This class will help you to think more clearly. You will develop a relationship and trust in your intuition and third eye perception.

Sunday Nov. 28

Day 3


On Day 3 we will focus on opening through the heart space. This class will help you to develop an understanding of how we operate in the world from a foundation of love, light, power and strength. You will understand your own light and strength and learn how to access it on a daily basis.

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3 Day Online Activation Meditation Retreat

Activate your mental clarity, remove blockages and operate from your true power with this 3 Day meditation retreat led by Donna PranaLakshmi

Join the LIVE Online 3 Day Retreat with Donna PranaLakshmi

Friday November 26, 2021 at 9-11 am EST

Saturday November 27, 2021 at 9-11 am EST

Sunday November 28, 2021 at 9-11 am EST

You will have a chance to watch the entire replay for 48 hours after the course has fully ended.

There will be a special option to own a copy of the retreat meditations once it has finished. We will announce that in an email.

Your Guide

Donna Poulidis (PranaLakshmi is her spiritual - yogic name) is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, LifeForce Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator and Rapid Transformational Therapist (in training). Her wholistic approach to coaching with private clients and groups, includes modalities that fuel and nourish the whole self: yoga, meditation, visualization, breath work and physical exercises. Her mission is to help women feel safe and whole in their bodies.


Donna immerses herself in techniques that enhance mental abilities, allowing us to shift our mindset and paradigms to function from a clearer and more connected state. She is known for her "chocolatey" voice that soothes the soul, recording mantras and meditations to bring you peace and connect you to your authentic self. Donna lives in Greece with her son and coaches clients in person and online.