Intro to Body Flow


Body Flow

Body Flow is a combination of yoga, flowing movement, inspired poses from energy practices from around the glove and effective breathwork that will get your whole body feeling fluid, defined, toned and supple.

Body Flow is an effective workout that is based on therapeutic yoga techniques, incorporating other body-based movement exercises that complement the flow and Prana-charging intention of this class.

Energetic, breath and kriya* practices will be weaved into the poses, helping to expand and enhance our Prana (vital life-force energy) by powering-up your body's major energetic centers and meridian channels.

This is Yoga - it's just a different type of yoga you've never experienced before. Donna merges her experiences with many forms of energetic practices that are meant to enhance and expand our breath and energy body. Get ready to feel like you're breathing deeper and fuller - and moving in ways you're body's been craving to move.