Intro to Holistic Coaching for Healthy Weight, Energy and Longevity


Holistic Coaching for Healthy Weight

Healthy eating made fun and easy!

In this group coaching, Danielle will teach you to manage your weight with nutrition, smart food choices and habits fit for your individual and unique body needs.

Learn how to shed off the extra weight and reach your ideal weight naturally, without depriving yourself.

Learn a sustainable way of eating that is guilt-free and effortless!

Imagine a world with no worries of dieting.

Imagine never being temped towards emotional or binge eating.

This lifestyle is possible and achieve- we'll show you how!

Health Coaching for Energy

Never blame it on age or stress again!

Thrive and energize the mind and the body through tips and support from Danielle, that fit and support your unique lifestyle choices.

Whether you are a heavy partier, a social butterfly, or a person who enjoys a quiet and zen life, single or married, or a mom who needs to keep up with her energetic kids, this is the coaching class for you!

Match and meet your energy level to reach your life goals, achieve your fitness and workout goals and your unique lifestyle needs.

Stay on top of your activities, responsibilities and fitness exercises through small and sustainable adjustments, eating tips and energy techniques that will have you feeling increased energy in less time!

Health Coaching for Longevity

Learn how to slow down aging through better food & lifestyle choices and to support a longer life in a healthy body.

Danielle will be sharing her secrets of how to maintain a healthy body, glowing and radiant skin, and ample energy for a woman in her twenties, while being in her forties.

Health Coaching for longevity is one of Danielle's favourite and signature coaching programs.

She'll give you all the support you need for a long-life and lasting health.

This session is as group coaching therefore you will have the chance to share questions and receive the right support throughout the 40 min.