Intro Information

HAPPY HEARTS Transformational Journey

With Dr. Kerusha Lutchmiah

In this workshop, Kerusha helps parents instil confidence and self-belief in their children, so they become resilient, compassionate adults

Happy hearts is a transformational journey for mother and child using RTT® tools and techniques.

You will discover your limiting beliefs and eradicate them, allowing you the freedom to parent without the attachment to societal (or other) norms.

Simultaneously we boost your child's confidence and resilience and guide you both towards a more beautiful, conscious connection

Realising that most of us have been carrying around our limiting beliefs from the age of 5 has really motivated her to help kids break free of these beliefs as soon as possible and allow them to lead their truest, most authentic lives in this ever-changing world.

In this workshop, Kerusha guides you and your child through this life-changing transformation.